Some Questions our Mates have Asked:


Can I play in Australian currency?
All the casinos on this website offer Australian dollar wagering. Never again worry about currency exchanges. The bingo rooms offer different currencies.
How much do these pokies payout?
This depends on which game you play. Some payouts are in the low four figures. Meanwhile the progressive games can sometimes have millions of dollars waiting to be won.
Can I play for real money?
Of course, personally we would find it a waste of time if we couldn't.
Can I play for fun?
At the casinos yes. You may test the games in free mode.
Is this safe?
We only recommend the most reputable of online casinos. Most have been around for over a decade. The newest of the casinos has been around for numerous years and caters nearly exclusively to Australians and Kiwis.
Is this legal?
We cannot dispense legal advise please contact a local government official.